Moo of Writing: How to Milk Your Potential

Moo of Writing is a unique guide that combines science and meditative wisdom. Poet and journalist Nan Lundeen inspires writers with contemporary scientific research and gentle advice based on her lifetime experience as a writer. Moo of Writing empowers new and established writers, building self-confidence, nudging them along with tips and writing exercises, and drawing on their own inner wisdom through meditation. Discover how walking ten minutes a day can jump-start creativity. Learn how holding a simple stone centers your creative energy. Practice a habit loop of freewriting to milk your creative potential. Just like dairy cows, relaxed and marvelously productive ruminants, writers need physical exercise and relaxation to Moo/Mu with the Muse. It’s all about relaxing and having fun.

I worked with Nan on her third book, preparing the cover, copy, and distribution.

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