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Gaia’s Cry

“Gaia exemplifies the earth as a living entity, which we must preserve and sustain for our children,” says sculptor Dora Natella, whose work adorns the cover of Nan Lundeen’s cautionary collection of poems, Gaia’s Cry. As global warming accelerates, Nan asks what form Gaia will take during her grandson Elijah’s lifetime. Ancient goddess myths and Native American legends enrich her vision of Earth’s startling beauty in a book that alerts, informs, and seeks strength in the courage of yellow wildflowers.

I worked with Nan on her fourth book, preparing the cover, copy, and distribution.

Black Dirt Days: Poems as Memoir

In Black Dirt Days: Poems as Memoir, poet and journalist Nan Lundeen gives voice to rural Iowa of the 1950s “where cornfields sang in summer/and winter howled at our throats” In a series of thirty-seven narrative poems, Nan describes her people: farmers of German, Swedish, and British ancestry who rotate crops and hand-milk cows. Everything depends on family, neighbors, the markets, the weather, and their own stamina to work from dawn until long after sundown. She shares the story of her parents’ romance, which begins as forbidden love, and her own beginnings as a writer wedded to the land. Teaching artist and poet Glenis Redmond, says, “Nan Lundeen poetically works the past in her collection, Black Dirt Days: Poems As Memoir. With her ear to the ground, she tills the soil of her familial lineage. She wields her lyric voice like a useful farm tool and the reader benefits from her creative laboring. In these poems, she harvests the stories of the land and the people that she came from and both will forever live in her well-worked lines.”

I worked with Nan on this second poetry book, preparing the cover, copy, and distribution.

The Pantyhose Declarations

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 10.54.48 PMThe Pantyhose Declarations is a poetry eBook by a local author prepared for Amazon’s Kindle platform. The project involved extracting content from multiple files and then formatting the entire project as a seamless page for the Kindle. The Kindle deliverables were then converted into a self-published printed book for sale on Amazon.

Book-CoverAs part of the promotional package for the book, I also prepared a simple website for the author that included a custom CMS that provided the ability to edit the site from any web browser.